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The game of 1 CARD ONE-DAY is an exciting shedding card game. It is part of the crazy eights family and is played with an ordinary poker deck. The object of the game is to use as few cards as possible and to avoid letting the other players empty their hands. It is most popular in the Netherlands and South Korea. Here are some ways to get your child to learn the game!

o, Start when your child is six months old. You can begin using the Glenn Doman method with your child. It is best to teach the children when they are older since they will have a more complex vocabulary and understand the concepts. As a general rule, teach your child to memorize two cards a day on days two to five. In this way, they will know that one card is a simple picture, and will eventually memorize the word on the next card.

o Identify which cards are more difficult. For example, if your child cannot memorize a number, he or she should learn the number three. This is an advanced level. As you get more difficult, you can gradually increase the difficulty of the game. It is important that your child pay attention to the activity, and that they remember to change their cards. Ideally, children should start with days two and five, and progress to days six through 24.

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  1. rajpootjk

    This game like teepatti

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