29-Card Baccarat

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Here We use a total of 29 cards :

  • 2*4 ( All four-color of 2 )
  • 3*4 ( All four-color of 3)
  • 4*4 ( All four-color of 4 )
  • 5*4
  • 6*4
  • 7*4
  • 8*4
  • 9 of a spade.

  • It is played between two players A and B each player will get 3 cards.

To win a regular bet there are two criteria :

  • 1st: If any player has a trio he will win if both have a trio the one who has got a higher trio will win.
  • 2nd: If nobody has trio baccarat value will be compared. A higher baccarat value game will win.
  • To get the baccarat value, from the total of three cards the last digit will be taken as the baccarat value.

Point Value of cards :

  • 2=2
  • 3=3
  • 4=4
  • 5=5
  • 6=6
  • 7=7
  • 8=8
  • 9=9

Note: Suits doesn’t matter in the point value of cards

Example : 2,5,8

2+5+8 = 15, here last digit is 5 so the baccarat value is 5


  • If the total is in single digits 2,2,3
  • 2+2+3 =7, in this case, the single-digit is 7 is considered as baccarat value
  • If both players have the same baccarat value then the highest card of both the game will be compared whose card is higher will win 
  • If 1st highest card is equal, then 2nd high card will be compared
  • If 2nd highest card is equal, then 3rd high card will be compared
  • If the 3rd highest card is equal, the game will be tied and Money will be returned.


  • It is a comparison of the high-value card of both the game , the game has a higher high-value card the other game will win. if the high-value card is the same the 2nd high card will be compared if the 2nd high card is the same then the 3rd high card will be compared. If 3rd high card is the same then the game is tie.
  • Money return :
  • PAIR :
  • You can bet for pair on any of your selected game
  • The only condition is If you bet for pair you must have a pair in that game.
  • Example :
  • 6,6,4
  • 5,5,2
  • 4,4,4 ( trio will be also considered as a Pair )
  • LUCKY 9 :
  • It is a bet for having card 9 among any of the total six cards of both games.
  • You can bet for color plus on any game A or B.
  • If you bet on color plus you get 4 options to win price

if you have

  1. sequence 3.4,5 of a different suit, You will get 2 times of betting amount.
  2. if you get colors 3,5,7 of the same suit, you will get 5 times the betting amount
  3. If you get trio 4,4,4, You will get 20 times of the betting amount 
  4. If you get pure sequence 4,5,6 of the same suit, You will get 30 times of betting amount.
  • If you get pure sequence you will not get the price of color and simple sequence

This means you will get only one price in any case

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