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Andar Bahar is a card game where you have to match two cards of the same value. The dealer will deal with the cards one at a time. The first card dealt is called the ‘Bahar’ side. The next card dealt will be the ‘Outside. The player has three options to make a bet. They can either place their final bet or forego betting. Players may also place a bet on the same side as the previous bet or on the opposite side.

You can make bets on the flop, the top card, or any card. You can bet on the top, bottom, or side. Depending on which ace is higher, you can win. The payouts for regular bets are 1.9x or two, respectively. However, if you have a Joker Card, you will receive two times the amount you bet on the other side.

Andar Bahar is the simplest casino game, with odds of 50:50. If you’re lucky enough to draw a joker, you’ll win 25 percent of your bet. Andar Bahar also has bonus bets and side bets. Aside from the joker card, you can wager on which side of the card won’t appear. This is an easy game to learn and a great way to win cash.


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  1. surendra

    I got lot of fun

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