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In poker 6-players, players are grouped into three different types. These three types have different strengths and weaknesses, and therefore, have very different hand rankings. In a six-player game, the top hands are determined by the average number of cards in each hand. As with any game, there is a certain power level assigned to each of these types, so it is important to know how to play your cards wisely. The table below will explain some of the differences between the two types of hands.

The number of players at a table has very little effect on strategy. It’s not unusual to have aces preflop, but the equity of those hands decreases with the number of players. In six-players games, the number of players doesn’t matter, but the number of players does. This means that the number of cards in the deck will not be affected. However, the number of people at the table should be taken into consideration when playing poker 6-players.

In a six-players poker game, the value of suited connectors is increased. You can win by having aces or middle pocket pairs. By expanding your opening range, you can include any pocket pair up to 6s. Likewise, suited aces from A-6 are worth more. Moreover, if you are playing with two or three opponents, you should focus on these two hands. This way, you’ll have a much higher chance of winning.

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