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One Day Teen Patti is broadcast from the Romanian studio of Ezugi. The game is played online and is accessible to operators worldwide. It is a simple, exciting, and fun way to play teen Patti. It does not use cards, so players do not have to use any strategy to win. The odds change as each card is played. This dynamic betting model is an added bonus to One Day Teen Patti.

The basic rules of One Day Teen Patti are simple and straightforward. There are five stages where players place their bets. The game has an AI feature that allows players to place a bet. The player can also check out the betting statistics and roadmap before placing a bet. There is also the option to bet during Casino Days. Neha Sharma is an ambassador for both 1xBet and 10CRIC Casino.

The One Day Teen Patti Classic is a game that uses a standard 52-card deck. Once the player places their bet, they have 35 seconds to place their bets. The dealer then draws a card for Player A. The player can place a bet on only one player. However, if the player chooses not to place a bet, they can withdraw the amount. This feature is unique to the game.

  • Teenpatti is an Indian origin three cards game
  • This game is played with a regular 52 cards deck between Player A and Player B.
  • The objective of the game is to make the best three cards hand as per the hand rankings and win.
  • You have a betting option of Back and Lay for the main bet.
  • Rankings of the card hands from highest to lowest :
  1. Straight Flush (pure Sequence )
  2. Trail (Three of a Kind )
  3. Straight (Sequence)
  4. Flush (Color )
  5. Pair (Two of a kind )
  6. High Card

Side bets :

  • CONSECUTIVE CARDS: It is a bet of having two or more consecutive cards in the game.
  • eg: 2,3,5 10,3,9 Q,5,K 6,7,8 A,K,7
  • For both the players Back and Lay odds are available, you can bet on either or both the players.
  • Odd-Even: Here you can bet on every card whether it will be an odd card or an even card.
  • ODD CARDS : A,3,5,7,9,J,K
  • EVEN CARDS: 2,4,6,8,10,Q

NOTE: In case of a Tie between player A and player B bets placed on player A and player B (Main bets ) will be returned.

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  1. jabed

    nice game, and bet with low prices

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